4400-Watt Bystronic BySpeed 4020 laser cutting system with ByTrans 4020 load and unload system
Manufactured in 2006


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The Bystronic Byspeed 4020 is the 4-meter by 2-meter laser cutting system. All Bystronic Byspeed lasers are high-speed CO2 laser systems known for high productivity and robust design. This laser system maximizes productivity with a ByTrans 4020 load and unload system.

Basic specifications
Laser Capacity: 4400-watts
X-Axis travel: 150”
Y-Axis travel: 80”
Maximum Cutting speed: 1900 Inches per minute
Maximum Positioning speed: 6600 Inches per minute
Approximate weight: 42,000 lbs.

Equipped with:
ByTrans 4020 load and unload system
Shuttle tables

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