4000-Watt Mazak Optiplex 4020 Fiber II
Manufactured in 2016
Nearly new condition! Only approximately 4106 hours.


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The Mazak Optiplex II 4020 fiber is the 4 x 2 meter version of Mazak’s top of the line Optiplex Fiber laser series. The Optiplex II Fiber is Mazak’s top of the line, high production laser cutting system and all are equipped with shuttle tables, Mazak preview control and Mazak’s many “Intelligent Set Up” and “Intelligent Monitoring” systems. This Mazak Optiplex fiber laser is equipped with a 4000 watt Fiber laser, which is capable of cutting material thicknesses similar to a 4000 watt CO2 laser; but with substantial speed advantages on thinner gauge material plus the ability to cut some of the non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, etc.) not recommended for CO2 laser processing. Along with the greatly improved performance, the Mazak Optiplex Fiber laser is also significantly less expensive to operate since it uses less power and doesn’t require the consumables such as lens and turbo blowers required of CO2 lasers. Overall this used Mazak Optiplex II 4020 Fiber laser improves performance while lowering costs when compared to CO2 laser.

Machine structure: Flying Optics
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 78.74” x 157.48”
Maximum workpiece weight: 3,527 lbs.
Machine travels
X-axis: 160.43”
Y-axis: 81.10”
Z-axis: 4.33”
Work table height: 35.4”
Maximum material thickness (4000 watt)
Mild steel: 1”
Stainless steel: 0.75”
Aluminum: 0.630”
Motion drive system design
X,Y Axis: Rack and pinion drive
Z Axis: Ball Screw Drive
Number of control axes: 3
Rapid travel speed
X,Y Axis: 4,724 Inches per minute
Positioning accuracy
Z,Y Axis: 0.002” / 19.68”
Z Axis: 0.0012”
Repeatable accuracy:
X,Y Axis: 0.0012”
CNC Type: MAZATROL Preview 3
CPU: 64 Bit
Display screen: 15” Color LCD
Memory capacity: 16 GB (Program storage capacity 1 GB)
Position detection system: Encoder
Minimum command unit: 0.0001”
Program input system: EIA/ISO

Equipped with:
Work Piece Lifters 4020 (Ball transfers)
High accuracy nozzle kit (10 Nozzles, 8 adapters)
Dust collection system: RoboVent MDC-4 2235
Servo focus pierce (rapid pierce)
Side blow
Plasma detection
Burning detection
Transformers (multi tap 208/230 – 460/480)
Manual table clamps 2 on Y Axis
Auto focus adjustment
Nozzle changer 8 position (3 Nozzles & 3 adapters included)
Auto focal point calibration
Dual pallet shuttle table automatic

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