4000-Watt Amada FOM2-3015 RI
Rotary Index and Flat cutting laser system
Manufactured in 2013
Only ~14,623 hours as of 5/9/2019


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The Amada FOM2RI 3015 is the popular FOM2 3015 4000 watt 5′ x 10′ laser cutting system with Amada’s Rotary Index feature adding tube cutting capabilities to the already versatile FO laser series. The FOM2 lasers combined the rock solid reliability the FO series is known for with increased capabilities and additional features such as reduced setup and secondary operations, increased throughput and consistency, a new resonator design and splatter free piece for better piecing of thick material. The New RI (Rotary Index) portion of the machine is not just a rotary index (axis), it acts as a fully functional tube and bar-stock cutting system. This one laser cutting system is both Amada’s most versatile flat cutting laser and a true tube laser.

Specifications are below:
Motion package
Travel method: X & Y – axis beam move
Drive method: X Rack & Pinion, Y & Z Ball screw
Work area
X= 121″
Y= 61″
Z= 7.87″
Maximum thickness
7/8″ mild steel
1/2″ stainless steel
3/8″ aluminum
Maximum work weight: 2000 lbs
Rapid traverse
X & Y: 3,150 inches per minute
Simultaneous: 4455 inches per minute
Z: 2, 362 inches per minute
Repeatability: +/- 0.0002″
Z-axis sensor: HS-2007
CNC: AMNC PC-OS; windows embedded
Assist gas control: Automatic select
Oscillator: AF4000iB-4000 watt
Approximate machine weight: 34, 216 lbs (includes shuttle tables)
Power requirements: 200/220V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

CNC controller
Model: AMNC -PC
Display: LCD color graphics display
Control function
X,Y,Z-axis simultaneous and focus lens B-axis, adaptive optic and laser power control (CW, gated pulse, pierce routines, etc.)
Data input method: Touch screen, keyboard, ethernet, wireless, CD, USB, 3.5″ floppy disk
Minimum command unit: 0.0001″ (X,Y,Z)
Minimum travel unit: 0.0001″ (X,Y,Z)
Standard memory: 2 MB
Hard drive: 10 GB
Operating modes: Automatic and manual
Display modes: Program contents, position information, program check, settings, parameters, beam diameter compensation, assist gas status, self diagnostics
Interlock displays: Cooling water status, gas pressure status, vacuum status, turbo blower malfunction, shutter status beam power, resonator discharge, door open, WACS

Rotary Index specifications
Tube shapes: round, square, rectangular, angle and channel
Round tube: 0.75″-8.66″
Square tube: 0.75″-6″
Rectangle: 8.66″
Angle: 3.54″
Channel: 6″
Maximum weight: 441 lbs.
Maximum tube length: 236.2″
Rotation speed: 100 RPM
Dust collection: Automatic switching for tube length up to 236″
Scratch prevention: controllable pneumatic chuck and aluminum roller

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