Amada Quattro laser cutting system
2000-watt Fanuc Oscillator (Resonator)
Manufactured in 2011
Hours are approximately 22,270


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The Amada Quattro is a 4′ x 4′ table laser cutting system. All Amada Quattro lasers are built on a ridged 1-piece frame for accurate cutting in a small footprint and are known for simple operation and low costs. This Amada Quattro is equipped with a 2000-watt Fanuc resonator for greater flexibility cutting thicker materials.

X axis: 49.6”
Y axis: 49.6”
Z axis: 3.9” for 5” lens, 1.40” for 7.5” lens
Beam delivery system: Flying optics
Cutting capacity: 1/2” MS
Maximum sheet size: 4’ x 4’
Maximum load weight: 176 lbs.
Machine weight: 8,488 lbs
Approximate dimensions: 122” L x 86” W x 65” H

Control model: Fanuc 160iL
Control method: X and Y simultaneous; Z-axis, non-contact height sensor
Data input:3.5” FD and MDI
Memory capacity: 126 KB

Laser Oscillator (resonator)
Model: Fanuc AF 2000E
Rated laser output: 2000 watts
Laser gas: HE, N2, C02
Gas consumption: 10 liter/hour

Equipped with:
Fanuc 160iL control
Fanuc AF2000E resonator (oscillator)
Ball screw drives
Dust collector

Features and advantages
Compact design
Lower running cost
One-piece construction-frame and table

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