33-Ton Amada EM-3612-ZRT
Servo turret punch press  with Tool changer
Manufactured in 2016, installed new in 2017


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The Amada EM-3612 ZRT is the same 33-ton fully electric servo punching system as Amada’s popular EMK machines, but equipped with the “ZR” turret and Tool Storage Unit. As with the EMK-3612, this machine features a 5′ x 10′ brush table to run full sized sheets without auto-repositioning. However, the ZR turret’s lower profile helps eliminate part scratching and is equipped with 4-Auto-index stations and 4 tapping stations. It also works with the Tool Storage Unit (TSU) to automatically change between 179 or 300 tools. Last, the Tool ID system  is designed to eliminate tool setup errors.

Tonnage: 33 U.S. tons
Maximum axis travel (X,Y): 120″ x 60″
Maximum sheet size (with one reposition) (X,Y): 240″ x 60″
Throat Depth 62.6″
Maximum Travel, Y-Axis Center Track: 0.394″ to 60.4″
Maximum Sheet Thickness: 0.177″ mild steel
Maximum Material Weight: 110 lbs to 330 lbs (depending on table speed &acceleration)
Punching Accuracy: 0.004″
Fanuc Control Specification: AMNC-F (31-i with Panel-i)
Graphic Screen: TFT 15″ – touchscreen
Power Requirement: 35 kVA 
Operating Voltage: 200/208V 3-Phase
Operating Air Pressure: 80 psi
Compressed Air Requirement: 8.8 ft3
Machine Weight: 46,200 lbs.
Stroke Rate & Turret Configuration
Marking: Pitch: 0.197″, 1,800/min.
Nibbling: Pitch 0.080″ Stroke 0.2″ X: 745/min. Y: 410/min. standard
Punching: Pitch 1″ Stroke 0.2″ X: 500/min. Y: 300/min. standard
Turret Rotation Speed 30 rpm
Turret Feed Clearance: 0.984″
Turret Configuration Standard: 32 stations 4-A/I, (2) 2″, (2) 1″Auto Index
Rotation Speed: 60 rpm
Max. Hole Diameter: 4″

Standard Features:
RS 232C Interface
Pneumatic X-Gauge Block
LAN Connection (TCP/IP)
Line Spec. Interface
USB PortMP Interface
Sheet Pull Detection
Air Blow
(4) Pneumatic Clamps
Slug Suction System (All Stations)
Auto Reposition System
Punch Assembly Jig
Sheet Jam Sensor
Station Alignment Tools (A,B, 1″ Auto-Index Stations only)

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