247 Ton X 168″ AMADA HDS-2204NT
NT 8-Axis CNC control and 5-Axis backgauge
Manufactured February of 2010


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The Amada HDS NT series are Servo Hydraulic Hybrid press brakes for ultra high precision positioning and bending. This system uses independent AC-servo motors to drive high efficiency, bi-directional hydraulic pumps. The Amada HDS press brakes feature high approach, bending and return speeds; unequalled ram positioning and repeatability of +/- 0.00004″. All HDS series press brakes feature auto-crowning, five-axis CNC backgauges and eight-axis Amada AMNC Networking controls . This machine is a 242 ton x 4 meter HDS 2204 NT press brake. The 2204 is highest capacity version of the HDS series press brake.

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System Specifications:
Model: HDS-2204NT
Capacity: 220 lbs.
Table length: 168.5″
Maximum bending length: 168.5″
Distance between uprights: 148.0″
Throat depth: 17.7″
Length of stroke: 9.8″
Open height: 20.5″
Main motor: 200 Volt
Power required: 26 kVA
Hydraulic oil reservoir: 27.2 gallons
Overall length: 224.8″
Overall width: 97.0″
Overall height: 126.5″
Ground height: 126.6″
Net weight: 50,706 lbs.
Environmental temperature: 32~104 degrees F
Date manufactured: February 2010

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