150-Ton Bystronic Xpert 150 x 3100 press brake
Bystronic CNC Control, 6-Axis backgauge, Wila clamping and Auto-crowning
New in 2008


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The Bystronic Xpert series is Bystronic’s top of the line press brake model. The Xpert series fully automatic, dynamic crowning is combined with the highest repeatability on in the market to produce perfect parts regardless of operator knowledge and the Bystornic CNC control is compatible with Bystronic’s intuitive bending software. This Bystronic Xpert series press brake is the Xpert 150×3000, a 150 ton x 10′ precision press brake and is equipped with a 6 axis CNC backgauge, Wila style hydraulic clamping and Bystronics unique fully automatic, dynamic crowning.

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Working length: 3100 mm (~122″)
Maximum press force kN: 1500 (~ 150 tons)
Maximum stroke: 415 mm (~16.3″)
Rapid approach: 190 mm/s (~ 449 inches per minute)
Working speed: 10 mm/s (~ 23 inches per minute)
Return speed: Return speed: 150 mm/s (~ 354 inches per minute)
Weight: 11,100 kg (~ 24,500 lbs.)

Electrical values
Power of main motor kW: 13.2
Total connected load kW: 15
Operating voltage: 480
Frequency Hz: 60
Control voltage V: 24
Nominal current fuse A: 33

Maximum operating pressure bar: 8

Maximum accumulator pressure bar: 300


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