143 Ton Amada HDS-1303 NT Servo Hydraulic Hybrid Press  Brake
Manufactured: 2008


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The Amada HDS NT series are Servo Hydraulic Hybrid press brakes for ultra high precision positioning and bending. This system uses independent AC-servo motors to drive high efficiency, bi-directional hydraulic pumps. This gives Amada HDS press brakes high approach, bending and return speeds; unequalled ram positioning and repeatability of +/- 0.00004″. The HDS series press brakes all feature auto-crowning, 5 axis CNC backgauges and Amada AMNC Networking controls. This machine is an 143 ton x 10′ HDS 1303 NT press brake.

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System Specifications

Press Brake
Maximum bending length: 126.77″
Tonnage capacity: 143 US tons
Stroke length: 7.87″
Approach speed of upper beam: 7.87 IPS
Bending speed of upper beam: 0.79 IPS
Return speed of upper beam: 7.87 IPS
Number of main cylinders: 2
Hydraulic pump motor output: 5.2 x 2.7 HP
Hydraulic unit tank capacity: 17.8 Gal.
Machine weight; 13.2 US tons

Repeatability: L Axis 0.0008 inches

Movement Range:
L Axis 27.55 inches
Y Axis 86.6 inches
Z Axis 9.8 inches

Feed Speed:
L Axis 1,180 inches per minute
Y Axis 2,362 inches per minute
X Axis 393 inches per minute

Minimum Command Unit
Ram 0.0001 inch
Backgauge 0.001 inch

CNC Controller
Model: Amada AMNC-PC
Axes of Control: Eight
D1 & D2 – Ram depth : ( 0.098″ ram tilt)
L1 & L2 – Backgauge: (14 Backgauge Taper)
Z Vertical finger position: Y1 & Y2
– Horiz. finger movement, side to side CC – Ram crowning

Input Method: Touch Screen

15″ Color Liquid Crystal Touch Screen
Program Storage
Limited only by network storage capacity
Bends per Program: 99
Die Library: 300
Punch Library: 300

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