2000-Watt Amada ENSIS-3015AJ fiber laser, 2016 #294

2000-watt Amada Quattro laser #188

2000-watt Amada-Pulsar-LC1212A3 #181

2500-watt Amada Pulsar LC-2415A4 #281

3500-Watt Amada LCG-3015 laser, 2015 #243

4000-Watt Amada FO-3015NT laser #197

4000-watt Amada FO-4020NT laser, 2005 #193

4000-watt Amada FO-M2-3015 RI , Rotary Index and Flat laser system

4000-watt Amada FOL-3015AJ Fiber laser system #177

4000-watt Amada FOM2-3015 RI #266

4000-watt Amada LC-3015F1 laser, 2011, #282


4400-watt Bystronic BySpeed 4020 with Bytrans #224


4000-watt Mazak Optiplex II 4020 Fiber #199

6000-Watt Mazak Optiplex 3015 Fiber II, 2017 #254


3600-watt Mitsubishi ML-3015 LXP #161


3000-watt Trumpf-TruLaser-1030-Fiber-3kw-#190

4000-watt Trumpf TCL-6030 laser #260

4000-watt Trumpf Trumatic-L3530 #212

6000-watt Trumpf Trulaser 5040 #219

Trumpf TruLaser Tube-7000 tube laser, 2011 #178

Laser Cutting Systems

Used Fiber and CO2 Laser Cutting Systems and Automation

Industrial laser cutting is a proven solution for cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum, along with other cutting applications. As laser cutting continues to evolve with each year, CO2 lasers are being replaced with fiber lasers in many applications. Fiber laser technology has brought faster maximum speeds, higher wall plug efficiencies’ and the ability to process additional nonferrous metals such as brass and copper. However, CO2 lasers offer excellent cut quality and often at a lower entry price compared to fiber lasers. Choosing the best laser is based on considerations such as application and budget.

Are you looking to add a laser cutting system, but with so many choices you’re not sure what machines you should be looking at? Or, you have lasers and are looking for the right used machine to increase capacity or upgrade your technology? Elite Machinery Inc specializes in used CNC laser cutting machines and we are here to help. We offer both used CO2 and used fiber lasers with a special emphasis on top brands such as Amada, ByStronic, Cincinnati, Mazak, Mitsubishi and Trumpf. And having bought and sold all the top brands of laser over the years we have extensive knowledge of each make and model to help you make decisions like is a Co2 or Fiber a better choice to the make/model that best fits your requirements. Plus, we can guide you through the process from deciding on a machine to disconnection, installation and service.

Shopping for a used laser cutting system doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Contact us today!